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Manage your customer experience services and enhance after-sale process with d-immo in a smart, digital and metric based way.

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with d-immo, you can quickly respond to the needs of your customers by visiting service points in a short time, and increase your productivity by reducing personnel training costs.


d-immo monitors the status of products directed to manufacturers from authorized dealers and facilitates your workflow.

customer experience

respond quickly to your customers' needs and increase customer satisfaction by using online demand management and smart routing features thanks to d-immo.


be in control with detailed reporting, KPI tracking and customer demand information and data analysis - reporting features.


What is a decision tree?

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What is the customer experience and how to improve it?

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What should be considered in the process of digitization of post-service processes?

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What is the importance of improving the customer experience?

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The Importance of AI and ML in online demand management systems

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How Can Staff Efficiency be Improved by Decision Tree?

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How Should Online Demand Management Be in Service Processes?

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What our clients say about us

“Before we met d-immo, we thought a lot about digitizing the customer experience. Since the day we started using d-immo instead of manually managing the service processes of our products, our effort in the field of customer experience has decreased significantly. We are delighted to have purchased one of the most innovative products in the industry.”


“Until we used d-immo, we did not know that we needed a service that went beyond the classical CRM applications during the after-sales support process and digitized all post-sales processes. Since we started using d-immo, there has been a huge increase in positive feedback from our customers. Our team is happy, our customers are happy!”


“Thanks to d-immo's user-friendly interface and comprehensive solutions in the after-sales support process, we can quickly respond to the problems of our customers and provide a detailed view of all our after-sales support activities. In this way, we support our customers in a planned way. The added value that d-immo offers us is reflected in our field employees as a performance increase!”


frequently asked questions

We care about our customers and we gathered up most of the answers might be helpful to you.

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What is d-immo?

d-immo is a set of integrated applications that used to manage after-sales support service for all portable devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, wearable devices and various home devices.

Can I try or see a live demo of d-immo?

Please contact with us for a live demo.

How does d-immo work?

d-immo is a web application. It provides tracking of service and repair centers without the need for a mobile application. It allows to monitor service and personnel density with instant dasboard and alarm mechanisms.

What does decision tree mean?

A decision tree is a diagram used by decision-makers to determine the action process or display probability.

Which companies and sectors can use d-immo?

All sector which is have portable device can use d-immo.

Why do companies prefer this product?

It is not always possible to follow customer needs instantly with main ERP systems.

Why is after-sales support services important for companies?

After-sales support service is important because it influences customers' next purchase tendencies.

How to ensure customer satisfaction with after-sales support?

The process begins when customers visiting the service and repair centers are welcomed over the queue schematic screens. Queued customers are welcomed by authorized personnel and their problems are solved with tree structure. In the case of unresolved problems, the devices are directed to the workshop system and the customer monitors all internal and external warranty processes online.

What is customer experience and field management solutions with d-immo?

Customer experience with dimmo means that  is used to solve device problems by applying simple guidance content and algorithms provided to end users without going any repair center or services. Field management system is used by dealers around the country to acceptdevices that need repair from customers, ship to designated repair centres, track device status.Used by repair centres to accept devices routed from dealers, handle all repair processes and ship devices back to the dealers or customers directly.

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